Zebra Prints are just In


I adore the color combination of black and white. It’s a casual and nonchalant style. Like the zebra. The stripes have its own irregularity. It’s not straightly parallel but I do find the wavy stripes rather artsy.

Like other animal prints, zebra prints are one of the boldest choices for a work to weekend wear. Finding the right jeans or trousers, or blouses or shoes can be quite tricky on the way. The style of the zebra print would coincide with your body size and taste because zebra print dresses are quite choosy to colors and to certain figures, too. My mother once told me that horizontal stripes would make you look a bit chubby so it’s better for skinny or slender women. On the other hand though, my dad refuted the notion because for him having what it takes to pull off a zebra print reigns whether you have an oval body type or not. It’s actually up to the individual. It takes some time to search for the right zebra print pattern and the right fit that will accentuate your hidden curves and flatter you the most. Metallic jeans would suit nicely with zebra print shirts.

Zebra print bags with a touch of cream and gold is superb. It’s got an innuendo of exquisiteness. It’s more womanish. Light to darker shades of clothes would highlight the zebra print bag. Black and white are neutral colors so it doesn’t oppose to any colors except if your pairing it with another animal print which should be a no-no. Zebra prints are not as daring as cat prints. It’s more of the milder side. It’s the classic black and white. Black is an elegant color which knows no boundaries like white which symbolizes purity and makes me think of fresh milk. Picking for the right ensemble wouldn’t take a long time unless you feel that you are overly dressed in animal print.

Black is my kind of thing. Variegated clothes with zebra print shoes would bring the outfit down the drain. A better match would be darker colors which are not the contradicting ones like purple and red. These colors don’t jive with zebra prints much. It’s a fashion spoiler. Don’t go zebra all the way, too. You don’t want zookeepers chasing you down in your heels.

Don’t forget that the utmost care is needed if you have a pair of white shoes – plain or printed like zebra print shoes. It gets easily dirty especially if it’s the canvas type. Stains don’t stick too much on glossy shoes, but you have to rub it off and do some polishing. That’s why I don’t have a pair of white shoes. It may be hot in my country but when it rains, the soil becomes all mushy and wet, and on the sidewalks are puddles of muddy water. Nobody wants to ruin a good pair of zebra print flats on a rainy day.

Dolling up yourself in zebra prints are as trendy as other animal prints. Put your head high and flaunt what you got. It’s not about the figure. Like my dad said that it’s more about the pertness.